The construction industry is taking a huge leap towards sustainability

EcoUp’s innovation turns insulation wool from demolition sites into a recycled material


The construction industry is taking a big step towards becoming emission-free as this Finnish company introduces its recycling innovation to commercial production. The method developed by EcoUp, known for the Ekovilla brand, converts mineral wool waste from demolition projects into recycled material in an ecological way.


The Finnish circular economy expert EcoUp was the first to launch a sustainable method for recycling insulation wool from demolition sites. Until now, it has been very difficult to recycle the resulting waste mineral wool, glass wool and rock wool from construction projects. Insulation wool from demolition sites is not accepted in waste-to-energy operations and has ended up in landfill, where it has stayed forever due to its non-biodegradable nature.


The EcoUp production plant in Southwest Finland now uses recycled insulation wool from demolition sites to make material that can be used in the production of more eco-friendly cement, tarmac and bricks.


“About 2.5 million tonnes of mineral wool waste is generated in Europe every year, and it is difficult and expensive to dispose of. Up until now, there has been no sustainable industrial-scale solution for the reuse of mineral wool, but this innovation will make the 70% recycling rate set in the EU Waste Directive more achievable,” says EcoUp’s Managing Director Antti Ollikainen.


Going emission-free is a permanent change


The ecological benefits of the innovation are manifold: resource efficiency is improved as demolition materials are reused, and emissions from the construction sector are significantly reduced. Carbon emissions from construction activities are estimated to be around 40% of global emissions so reducing emissions is vital as these activities continue to increase.


“The goal of zero emissions in the construction sector is not a passing trend but a permanent change that offers vast opportunities for sustainable value creation. Commercial value is created not only by a distinctive character and high quality but also by helping all companies in the sector and private consumers to adopt the principles of sustainable construction,” Antti Ollikainen continues.


Examples of sites where EcoUp Oy’s innovation is used include the handling of insulation wool from the renovation of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki and wool waste from the renovation of Borealis Polymers Oy’s production plant in Kilpilahti, Porvoo. Our partners in the collection of insulation wool include Revanssi and Delete.



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