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Our 40 years track record of developing construction materials and methods for recycling has given us a thorough understanding on how to achieve the targets of carbon neutrality ecologically and economically.

What is EcoUp?

EcoUp produces services and products based on circular economy, supporting low-carbon construction. Our operations and innovative technologies are guided by energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and the reuse of materials.

Did you hear?

We were the first to launch a sustainable method for recycling insulation wool from demolition sites.

This is what we do


At EcoUp we believe that developing technologies for increased upcycling possibilities is the key – with our 40 years experience in ecological construction material and technology development we have been able to solve a multitude of challenges impacting the status quo.


The raw materials that we use in our production come from a number of different sources. We process materials such as household waste paper, industrial by-product materials and demolition materials. Our value chain starts where the materials’ first, original life cycle ends.


Recycling construction waste and carrying out lower-carbon or even carbon neutral construction operations is easy with us. We help our customers and partners to improve their building materials’ recycling rates at construction and demolition sites and to reduce carbon emissions in a number of ways.

Carbon neutral solutions

Our Group’s operations are guided by energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and the reuse of materials. We believe that a carbon-neutral and resource-efficient construction industry of the future is closer than anyone could have imagined. The change begins with small steps in the right direction. You’re safe to take the first step with us.

Recycling mineralwool

EcoUp Oy’s innovation makes it possible to reuse insulation wool from demolition sites. Our production plant uses old mineral wool to make new, sustainable recycled materials. Recycled materials made from demolition wool can replace virgin raw materials in the production of cement, tarmac and bricks, for example.

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Small things ignite change

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