Paving the way for green construction through a low-carbon circular economy

All of our activities are aimed at increasing the use of discarded materials as part of sustainable and resource-wise construction sector.

We promote green construction by developing and manufacturing construction products and raw materials from discarded materials. To solve the waste problem, we develop equipment and methods to give new life to construction and demolition waste as ecological and competitive construction end products.

Our operations are divided into two business areas: Materials & Services and Circular Economy Technology.

Clearing out the resource-greedy emission thickets – paving path to green construction industry

Our job is to advance green construction industry by providing solutions to the sector’s rapidly growing need for low-carbon materials and solutions for enhancing circularity.

We produce genuinely ecological building materials and raw materials for construction operators and infrastructure operators, meeting strict quality criteria and actively developing them even further.

Solving The Waste Problem is a part of our core business. For the need of waste treatment and recycling operators, we have developed technology and method for grinding C/D-waste into new ecological raw materials in an energy-efficient manner. Waste fractions that traditionally have been difficult to utilize are now resources for new building and infrastructure products. We license the technology to our customers and partners, thus multiplying the environmental benefit.

A change needs it pioneers – EcoUp is one

Larger carbon hand-print

Let’s make a carbon footprint a carbon handprint. This trick is done by developing low-emission methods, materials and equipment and by selecting sustainable raw materials for construction products. Wood-based recycled materials sequester carbon efficiently and are ideal to produce energy-efficient insulation, for example. On the other hand, a mineral-based demolition material, when properly handled, is a relatively low-emission substitute for many virgin materials.

Circularity for everybody!

Let’s change construction through a circular economy. Emissions from construction are generated e.g. manufacture of building materials, extraction and processing of virgin raw materials. The need for new raw materials is reduced when demolition sites are utilized as material banks. At the same time, less hard-to-handle waste is generated. The low-energy method of cleaning and handling demolition material further cuts emissions.

Building up the speed

The path to a green future for construction is being cleared every day. Let’s use the developing, emission cutting legislation as a compass. Taxonomies directing investments to truly responsible projects provide much needed refreshments along the way. No construction operator wants to drop this hose, as continuity and profitable business can only be built on sustainable choices. Join us! We tackle the obstacles from our path and offer an excellent travel companion too.

Walk the walk with us!

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