We Are EcoUp

That’s a treasure right there, peeking inside the wall!

Treasures take many forms and not all of them are that obvious.  Where other see waste and scrap we see a possibility, a treasure.

We are in the business of transforming construction industry

Our mission is to provide ecological materials and technologies that transform construction and demolition scrap and waste into recycled, re-usable raw materials.

Our 40 years track record of developing construction materials and methods for recycling has given us a thorough understanding on how to achieve the targets of carbon neutrality ecologically and economically.

Over the years, we have adopted a habit of seeing opportunities in places where others cannot see them, and our experience gives us the courage to also put our views into practice. When the business is driven by a passion to create something new and better for all of us, success is inevitable.

Ok, shoot!

We are here to answer your questions but also to listen what you have to say.

Ilari Hirvensalo

R&D Director
+358 40 900 7932

Sini Rytky

Commercial Director
+358 50 387 6670

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