EcoUp is paving the way for green construction through a low-carbon circular economy.

We meet the needs of green construction by developing and manufacturing construction products and raw materials from discarded materials. In addition, we are developing equipment and methods to give new life to construction and demolition waste as ecological and competitive construction end products.

What is good for the environment is also a sensible and sustainable business, both for us and for our partners.

EcoUp Oyj is an enabler of carbon-neutral construction

We are a pioneer in the circular economy and resource efficiency of construction. Our business idea has been to recycle materials for new uses for more than 40 years.

EcoUp has two business areas:

  • Product and services for low-carbon construction
    • Ekovilla-insulation
    • Acoustic fiber
    • Energy-efficiency renovations
  • Technologies for recycling  and reusing C/D-waste
    • EcoUp Hakku – production line

Did you know that our name EcoUp refers to a way of giving new life and added value to waste and by-products? “Up” comes from the English term upcycling, where recycling or by-products are given new life as higher value-added products. “Eco,” on the other hand, speaks to our own commitment to operating ecologically while also enabling our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

EcoUp Group: Solutions for carbon neutral construction

Ekovilla Insulation – carbon net negative materials

EcoUp Hakku – recycling mineral based materials

Did you know, 90 % of our business is based on circular economy? No more waste, just materials.

Walk the walk with us!

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