We Are EcoUp

EcoUp offers carbon-neutral, surplus-free and energy-saving materials, services and technologies for its customers, thus enabling green transition in construction industry.

EcoUp in Nutshell

Did you know we have been in business of making greener building materials for over 40 years? It all started with Ekovilla insulation and it is still going strong with the new innovations.

We call ourselves the modern day treasure hunters – our mission is to provide solutions that transform used mataerials and waste into upcycled raw materials that can be circulated over and over again.

We produce ecological building materials and develop and license technologies that enable both processing the waste, as well as using the resulted geopolymers as components in future products.

Over the last 40 years we have been able to create new materials, processes and technologies to enhance the use of resources we already have, instead of using virgin materials.  This has given us a thorough understanding on how to achieve the targets of carbon neutrality both ecologically and economically.

We have adopted a habit of seeing opportunities in places where others rarely do. It is our experience that gives us the courage to also put our views into practice. We like to think we are fighting the good fight, and it keeps us re-inventing also ourselves.

Walk the walk with us!

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