EcoUp Oyj starts collaboration with Rester – research into using recycled textiles as a raw material for insulation is underway

EcoUp Oyj is a Finnish company that promotes circular economy solutions in the construction industry. It is known for products such as Ekovilla thermal insulation. Ekovilla products include insulation slabs as well as blown wool and insulation materials that are applied by hand. Rester Oy is a Finnish company that provides textile recycling solutions to turn textiles from companies into new fibres and raw materials. The aim of the cooperation with Rester is to explore potential further uses of textile waste in construction products and insulation.

Rester opened the first large-scale recycling plant for end-of-life textiles in Northern Europe in Paimio on 2 November 2021. Rester receives end-of-life textiles from textile companies and uses a mechanical process to turn them into recycled fibres.

“Our circular economy facility in Paimio takes end-of-life textiles and side streams from the industry and processes the fibres into new raw materials. Our customers are companies that use textiles and generate end-of-life textiles as well as those that use Rester’s recycled fibres in their production processes or products. One of our key objectives is to find the best possible use for all materials. Our collaboration with EcoUp is a great opportunity to provide end-users with products made through circular economy techniques that directly contribute to reducing their carbon footprint,” says Rester’s CEO, Outi Luukko.


The new collaboration project is part of EcoUp’s usual R&D activities and will expand the range of waste types that the company uses in the manufacturing of building materials. The collaboration will not require any new investment.


“This collaboration project offers us a great opportunity to examine various uses of recycled fibres and their properties in different insulation products. It is clear that there is an increasing need for circular economy and sustainable value chains. We are curious to explore new possibilities, and our production line is suitable for processing textile fibres. Ekovilla is currently made from recycled wood fibre, but we can also produce insulation products from other materials in an eco-friendly way,” explains EcoUp’s Managing Director, Antti Ollikainen.


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Antti Ollikainen, EcoUp Oyj, +358 44 703 3170,


Outi Luukko, Rester Oy, +358 400 406083,


EcoUp Oyj in brief


EcoUp Oyj promotes a green transition in the construction industry by producing carbon-neutral, energy-efficient and circular economy-based materials, services and technologies that help construction companies to reduce their environmental impact. The industrial production technology developed by EcoUp also allows other companies in the construction and recycling industries to become involved in circular economy operations. The company has more than 40 years of experience in developing and delivering circular economy solutions to its customers. The company’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 26.1 million, operating profit EUR 2.1 million and EBITDA EUR 4.3 million. EcoUp is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.


Rester Oy in brief


Rester Oy is a Finnish company that provides textile recycling solutions to turn recycled textiles from companies into new textile fibres and high-end raw materials.


The circular economy facility in Paimio accepts end-of-life textiles and side streams from the industry and processes the fibres into new high-quality raw materials. Customers choose Rester as their partner because they want to play their part in fighting the climate crisis and over-consumption of natural resources. The company built the first processing plant for end-of-life textiles in the Nordic countries in Paimio. Rester accepts and handles end-of-life textiles from companies in the textile industry.


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