Dr. Hanna-Kaisa Koponen appointed as Research Director

Hanna-Kaisa Koponen joined EcoUp as Research Director (Material Research and Applications) this autumn. Hanna-Kaisa has a PhD with special expertise in physical and material chemistry. During her career, Hanna-Kaisa has focused on the development of circular economy technologies and processes as well as the use of new materials in various applications.


Before becoming EcoUp’s Research Director, Hanna-Kaisa worked at various organisations, including Centria University of Applied Sciences and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, where she was responsible for the operations of the research and development teams working in chemistry, materials research and circular economy, the development of research environments and measures related to improving business conditions for companies (new technologies, processes, products).


“I wanted to join the EcoUp team because I see circular economy and the reuse of materials as the only way to safeguard the future of humankind in a sustainable way. Construction and demolition waste is, and will be, one of the biggest waste streams, and maintaining the built environment with the lowest emissions possible is an issue that requires new solutions and innovation. I’m excited to be able to put into practice the experience and knowledge I’ve gained in my career to create new solutions and products for customers and consumers,” says Hanna-Kaisa.