Ekovilla Thermal Insulation

Ecological, breathable and safe.
The basics of good life have always been close to nature.

Ekovilla is a carbon neutral, Finnish thermal insulation made of purely natural materials

Ekovilla is mainly made of recycled wood fiber, such as old newspaper collected nearby the production plants.

Ekovilla is a sustainable choice

Ekovilla’s insulation is suitable for both new construction and renovation projects and it is used in 10,000 buildings annually. Once installed, CO2 is stored in durable structures for decades, and after that, Ekovilla can be further recycled in several ways. If the building is demolished and removed, our products can be reused as they are for thermal insulation. At the end of its life cycle our insulation can be used for energy among other fuels, or it can be diluted and used for soil improvement. During its life cycle the carbon handprint of Ekovilla can even exceed its carbon footprint. Circular economy at its best!

Ekovilla Products

Ekovilla slab

for attic floors, ground floors and walls

Ekovillalevy Ekovilla Levyvilla

Made of recycled wood fiber just like our blown wool, the Ekovilla slab is a soft and resilient thermal insulation slab with all the excellent properties of Ekovilla. The Ekovilla slab is a carbon neutral product and as insulation, it saves energy.

This slab, designed to the builders’ wishes, offers all the excellent properties of Ekovilla:

  • Wood fiber insulation from renewable resources
  • Carbon neutral
  • Good thermal insulation capacity
  • Breathable and safe
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for both new buildings and renovation

Ekovilla Loose Blown Wool

for ceilings, base floor and walls

Ekovilla IA puhallusvilla
Thermal insulation of ceilings and floors is quick with Ekovilla blow-in loose fill insulation.

An authorised Ekovilla service representative brings along the required insulation and installation tools, and completes the insulation professionally. The insulation fills even the smallest cavities and forms a solid and effective insulation jacket.

Check the other qualities of the Blown wool here.

Ekovilla hermetic products

Air-tight home is comfortable and safe to live in. Additionally air-tight means energy-efficiency and durable.

We at Ekovilla have found it important to guide builders in making properly air-tight houses – well made air and vapour barries don’t mean the house does not breathe! To come up with a solution we have developed practical barrier paper and tape -products as a solution.

Read more about the hermetic products and Ekovilla – X

Ekovilla X läpivienti Ekovilla X tiivisteteippi

Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) is a popular road surface material for European roads with heavy traffic and is perfect for the demanding weather conditions in Finland. The advantages of SMA include wear resistance (studded tire resistance), deformity resistance (heat resistance) and water resistance.

Ekovilla is well suited for most of the construction projects

  • Public buildings, such as schools
  • Industrial & residential buildings
  • Town houses & personal summer cabins

Declaration of Performance

Environmental Product Declaration

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Behind Ekovilla there’s over 40 years of experience and knowledge in thinking thermal insulation.

In case you prefer EverWool – Recycled Mineral Wool for Insulation

Eko-Expert, a part of EcoUp Group, has a long experience in recycling mineral wool factory surplus, by turning it into blown wool.


With decades of experience, we are a market leader in the eco-friendly mineral wool industry in Finland. We provide various types of blown mineral wool for new buildings and construction works, in any required quantities varying from one to thousands of cubic meters. Our services also include the repairs of top and ground floors as well as high-power vacuuming- and blowing services.

Bottom line: Whatever it is you need, EcoUp got you covered

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