Upcycling Insulation Wool

Insulation wool has been the unwanted guest in many recycling parties – nobody has really invented a method to make it more than landfill. We did it.

From landfill to re-usable raw materials

It is fair to say, that we’ve had our hands on insulation wool for 40 years – producing, assembling and recycling insulation wool has been the heart of our company since day 1. But it is not what we want to do only by ourselves, which is why we are today focusing on developing technologies that can be used by others as well.

We developed an industrialized process and equipment for handling waste wool, and transforming that into re-usable geopolymers. Those geopolymers can then be used as raw materials that continue living over and over again. How about a yard stone made with upcycled insulation wool? Or eco-friendly filler? Or asphalt?

We enable various types of insulation wool upcycling possibilities:

  • Transforming excess factory and assembly left-overs to blowing wool
  • Transforming unclean demolition and renovation waste wool into re-usable geopolymers

We have had our big picture-glasses on with this, and insulation wool is the first chapter of our story on enabling others. Maybe you want to take a peak on our products EverCYCLE™ and EverUSE™, which will enable you to use our current and upcoming technologies.

  • Sort


    Waste wool is sorted from unwanted components

  • Clean


    Sorted wool is cleaned

  • Pre-Crush


    Cleaned wool is pre-crushed into 10+mm grains

  • Make Geopolymers


    Pre-crushed grains are transformed to µm-sized geopolymers

Who Benefits?

Short answer – everyone.

OEMs and Brands 

Sustainability and increasing demands for carbon neutrality affect each and every type of company today. Stricter legislation and taxonomies are introduced to take care of our planet, but also individual consumers are aware, that they need to live in sustainably built homes and invest in sustainable products. We help to take geopolymers into use and increase the amount of recycled content to make greener products.

Recycling Services Providers

Once the waste materials reach their end-of-life, the tough part starts. Organization able to process and upcycle construction and demolition waste into something more than low-grade aggregates or even worse – landfill – will be the ones mastering the material flows in the future. We empower the recycling industry with methods and equipment that are needed to process the waste and transform it into something of higher value.

From waste to value

New raw materials and products from construction and demolition waste

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