The national award of Circular Economy Act of the year goes to EcoUp

The national award of the Circular Economy Act of the year was awarded on Tuesday 14th of June to a Circular Economy Group EcoUp Oyj in Kemi, Finland at the ACEF2022 Arctic Circular Economy Forum. EcoUp has earned the award of the Circular Economy Act of 2022 because it has been doing long-term work on the circular economy for decades, diligently and innovatively developed new circular economy solutions, and recently listed on the stock exchange.

“This spring, EcoUp received a patent for a replicable industrial circular economy innovation, where mineral wool, which is difficult to recycle, can be used as a new raw material for e.g., cement production. These are exactly the solutions that industrial circular economy require”, says Tuomas Pussila, The Director of the Circular Economy Center.

“The circular economy is an industry where there are not necessarily quick profits, but EcoUp is an excellent example of that long-term work pays off and creates vitality. We hope that the business story of EcoUp will inspire new operators to the green transition business”, says Soile Suvanto, Communications Specialist of the Circular Economy Center.

Antti Ollikainen, The CEO of EcoUp happily received the award.

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The CEO of EcoUp, Antti Ollikainen, received the award of The Circular Economy Act of the year from the Communications Specialist, Soile Suvanto and The Director, Tuomas Pussila, of the Circular Economy Center.

“Feeling very happy and proud. All the operations of EcoUp aim to use discarded materials more and more as part of sustainable construction. Most of our revenue is based on the circular economy, and we have been on this path since 1979. It makes me happy that the good work of our team is noticed and rewarded”, says the CEO Antti Ollikainen.

“We think that our circular economy solutions and our carbon-neutral products are at the forefront of clearing the path for green construction. When the legislature enables and directs, and the industry implements, a breakthrough will proceed inexorably”, says Antti Ollikainen.

The national award of the Circular Economy Act was awarded for the first time and will be awarded every year from now on. An innovative, imaginative, or courageous act, company, person, or matter that promotes the industrial circular economy was sought as the winner of the award. “With the award, we want to bring out the industrial circular economy with positive promotions and stories”, says Tuomas Pussila.

There were plenty of public suggestions for the winner of the award.

“It was great to see that there are already many circular economy factors in our country. Based on this, the industrial circular economy has excellent prospects” says Tuomas Pussila.

As an award, EcoUp gets its own titled tree from the Auroral forest in Tervola and a birdhouse in the tree. “We will invite EcoUp after the ACEF-Forum to have a soot pan coffee in the Auroral Forest and to set the birdhouse in the titled tree” tells Soile Suvanto.