Others see waste. We see a treasure.

We provide services, products, methods & technologies for greener construction industry. Interested in carbon neutral insulation? Fancy re-using construction and demolition waste?

You have come to right place.

Technology, Services & Recycled Materials

We offer equipment to process construction waste materials into re-usable geopolymer base materials.

We offer services to help develop and verify geopolymers as non-virgin raw materials in end-products.

  • Energy-efficient waste handling

  • High production capacity

  • Uniform raw materials from waste

  • Higher value for upcycled waste

  • More recycled content to products

Ekovilla – Carbon Neutral Insulation

  • Carbon neutral insulation

  • Slab & blown wool

  • Breathable insulation for healthy home

  • For building and renovations

Did You Know? Ekovilla is over 40 years old product of circular economy. Ekovilla is carbon neutral thermal insulation made out of recycled wood based fiber.

Your house needs to have warmth, but the right kind. Ekovilla warmth is the wholeness created by a warm living space and a good living environment.

Why should you care?

More recycled content to your products

Whether you build houses, consumer goods or even roads, sustainability and increasing demands for carbon neutrality affect each and every type of company today. Stricter legislation and taxonomies are introduced to take care of our planet, but also individual consumers are aware, that they need to live in sustainably built homes and invest in sustainable products, preferably made from non-virgin raw materials. We offer the possibility to replace virgin raw materials by re-usable geopolymers that are generated from waste.

New methods to go from waste to treasure

Once buildings reach their end-of-life, the tough part starts. The ones that are able to process construction and demolition waste into something more than low-grade aggregates or even worse – landfill – will be the ones mastering the material flows in the future. We empower the recycling industry with methods and equipment that are needed to process the waste and transform it into something of higher value, ready to be used again in products as non-virgin raw material.

Reducing the carbon footprint

EcoUp’s operations are guided by energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and the reuse of materials. We believe that a carbon-neutral and resource-efficient construction industry is just around the corner. The change begins with small steps in the right direction. You’re safe to take the first step with us.

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Upcycling mineral wool

Our innovation makes it possible to reuse mineral wool from demolition sites. Our methods and equipment process old mineral wool to make new, sustainable products. The processed waste is transformed into geopolymers that can replace virgin raw materials in the production of insulation wool, cement, tarmac and bricks, for example.

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